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that’s wonderful Becky, sounds like a great time. Glad you can be with Jeremy and your mom. Enjoy those goodies


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What are your plans for the holidays?

<p>The holidays in 2020 will likely be just as weird as the rest of this year has been. How do you plan to celebrate? Are you spending it with your immediate family? Are you venturing out for a mini-vacation? Is your shopping finished, or will you be on Amazon on December 23, selecting overnight delivery? Tell us about your holiday plans.</p>

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<p>Since none of the family was able to travel this year. I have spent my time making sure that my parents will have a good Christmas with just my husband and I. As a surprise to all of us, my son Jeremy decided to join us for the holidays. He is staying with us, but in quarantine until the 20th. Once released, he will have a great time cooking with my Mom, while I will have a wonderful time eating all the goodies. We are grateful to have survived 2020, and we are happy that it is almost over. I'm planning on trips to see all my grand-kids and our annual trip to Jamaica. 2021 will be full of travel, family and fun.</p>