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That is a lovely wish Ricki. I, too, hope the pandemic will end soon, and 2021 will be a better year. Despite everything, I have learned so much and evaluated my life in ways I had not done before. The blessings are many.
For Christmas, I asked for books and journals. The emotion thesaurus being one and a beautiful leather traveling journal to get those thoughts down when I have them. I secretly wanted a new iPhone, which I felt guilty about, so I didn’t mention it to my family. They know me all too well. I got my books and my new iPhone. But the greatest gift of all was the plaster replica of my three children’s hands, all doing the pinky promise sign. The pinky promise is sacred in our house, and I cried like a baby when they gave it to me.
Happy New Year, everyone!


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What do you want Santa Claus to bring you this year?

<p>If Santa was geared up and ready to give you anything you'd like this year, what would you ask for? World peace? The end of the pandemic? Socks? A puppy? A food processor? A finished first draft? Go big, go wacky, go real, but tell us what you want from Santa this year.</p>

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<p>My wish for this Christmas is simple – an end to the Pandemic, a better year ahead, and more time with my family. Well, perhaps not as simple as I thought. Blessings to you and yours.</p>