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<p> I am learning how to elaborate and give my story more descriptive details. Reaching into the depths of my soul. I am learning how to draw the reader in through my imagination. I am very grateful for the feedback from others. Live buddy shares has been very helpful. I like to be seen. Especially during these times of isolation. There is something about body language that resonates with me. Probably because of my trade in Hair design. </p>
<p>My vulnerability and transparency through my healing is a gift I hope to share with others. I am hopeful that my story may influence others to find unconditional love for self. Listening to different writing styles has opened my head space. I am like a sponge, soaking up new information and knowledge. Thank you Life Writers for assisting me on my journey as a Writer. </p>


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Question of the week: What are you learning in writing your life story?

<p>I've said it many times because I've seen the proof. The person who benefits the most from writing his/her life story is the author. We may gain insight, clarification, understanding, healing, or a host of other benefits.</p>
<p>What have you learned in the course of writing that you didn't know before? What enabled you to learn these things? Tell us all about it. Be specific.</p>