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<p>I have developed a new insight into writing my story. I appreciate the opportunity to read my stories. The feedback from my buddies, helps me improve. I enjoy hearing how others are writing. Since joining life writers, I have been encouraged to read more Memoirs. This has helped me dive deeper into my own story. I would like to be more accountable for my daily writing. This is a practice that I am discovering about myself. The practice to show up. To write what I am feeling. Describing my discomforts and my successes to over come my self worth. My fear that I am not good enough, comes up often. However, when I receive the positive feedback from my wrings, I know that with time and improving my skills as a writer I will achieve my goal. One breath at time. KMD</p>


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Question of the week: What help do you need to reach your writing goals?

<p>We have about a month or so left in our first session of Life Writers, and I hope the videos, calls, masterclasses, close reading, buddy groups, and other features of Life Writers have helped you move ever closer to your writing goals. What will cause you to declare these months a wild, beyond-your-wildest-dreams success? How can we help you get there? </p>