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<p>My holiday this year is not a single day on the calendar, but a collection of days filled with new experiences. I have already taken on the reading of some writers I haven’t read before such as James Baldwin and Tobias Wolff. I chose one book in the selection of possibilities in the Book of the Month club, which I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy. My selection- Caste by Isabel Wilkerson is outstanding. Amazing what we weren’t taught in U.S History classes back in the 1950’s and ‘60’s. I’ve purchased a CD of meditative music by an artist friend and she gave me two additional CD’s as a gift. Christmas came early. I’ve reconnected with my writing buddies, Rose and Vern and look forward to our planned Zoom meeting. And, I stay in touch with my sons and families and offer help when they need it. Add to that the gift of putting a 1000 piece Jigsaw puzzle together and working on another, reading and reflecting on the wisdom of a newly found present day mystic, Carolyn Myss, and finding ways to eat healthy and stay active- all this has added to my writing joys. Yes, I’m writing too!</p>


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What are your plans for the holidays?

<p>The holidays in 2020 will likely be just as weird as the rest of this year has been. How do you plan to celebrate? Are you spending it with your immediate family? Are you venturing out for a mini-vacation? Is your shopping finished, or will you be on Amazon on December 23, selecting overnight delivery? Tell us about your holiday plans.</p>