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<p>Usually, on Christmas, we go to my Mother in Laws house. She loves giving gifts. With covid, we aren’t going to go inside. Instead, we are doing a drive-by. We will exchange gifts from the car, then go home and do a video call to see each other open them. <br />We will rent an in-theatre movie on demand and have a relaxing day with my husband and three kids. Usually, we go to the theatre, but that’s not possible this year. </p>
<p>I only asked for books and journals, so I’m looking forward to reading and writing. Hopefully, I get my emotion thesaurus!  </p>


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What are your plans for the holidays?

<p>The holidays in 2020 will likely be just as weird as the rest of this year has been. How do you plan to celebrate? Are you spending it with your immediate family? Are you venturing out for a mini-vacation? Is your shopping finished, or will you be on Amazon on December 23, selecting overnight delivery? Tell us about your holiday plans.</p>