Editing 101


Yes, Patricia! I want to learn all about the basics of editing my text. Show me how to do this. This program is part of the See It Through! series, which includes Finish My Book in 90 Days and Edit Like an Expert.

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Yes, Patricia! I want to learn all about the basics of editing. Walk me through the process and teach me how to make this happen. Give me all the services, proven tools, and resources in the Editing 101 coaching program.

Everything you ever wanted to know about editing but were afraid to ask. Editing 101 lays the groundwork for good editing practices and answers some of the questions that plague writers. Learn the steps in the writing process, different types of editing, essential editing tools, editing symbols, organizing your drafts, how to know when you’re finished, and when it’s time to hire a professional editor.

Video title list: The Writing Process, Why Edit, Different Types of Editing, Essential Editing Tools, When to Edit, Editing Symbols, Organize Your Edits, When Am I Finished, When to Hire an Editor


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