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Writing Challenge

The Fun Way to Write Your Life Stories

You’re invited…


to participate in Writing Your Life’s first Fourteen-Day Writing Challenge, and guess what? It’s free! That’s right. It doesn’t cost you a cent. Your only investment is a small amount of time, and the results could be life changing. This fun challenge starts on February 1st, and this is how the challenge works:

  • I ask you to commit to writing something every day. The amount is up to you—write a paragraph, a page, or ten pages. I encourage you to aim for 500 words each day. That’s two double-spaced, typewritten pages, but know that any number of words you write is a great accomplishment.Happy Pencil


  • You receive a writing prompt designed to trigger memories each day for fourteen days. You can use this prompt to lead you to stories you might not have otherwise thought to write about or draw from your own list of story ideas.


  • You gain exclusive access to an online community of other writers participating in the challenge. In this forum, you can post your stories, make encouraging comments in response to others’ postings, ask questions, or just check in for the day.


  • Throughout the fourteen days, you receive random writing tips and bits of encouragement to keep you going.

If this sounds like fun, and believe me, it will be, enter your name, email address, telephone number, and city where you reside, and get ready for fourteen days of traipsing through the tulips of your memory.

But remember, in writing your life stories, the most important thing to know is:

 The only way to do this wrong is to NOT do it at all!

So, are you ready for this writing challenge? I bet you are. Then sign up below, and I’ll send you a free bonus to get you started. I hope you take on this challenge because you will amaze yourself with the stories you write.

Please share this challenge with your friends, post it on your Facebook page. Let’s get the word out.

All the best,

Patricia Charpentier