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Classes and Workshops

Live Classes & Workshops

Writing Your Live Class

One of the best ways to improve your craft and feel inspired is to surround yourself with like-minded people.

Writing Your Life live classes and workshops do just that.

Writing Your Life offers four- and six-week classes, monthly workshops, and daylong and half-day workshops as well as sixty-to-ninety-minute presentations on a wide variety of topics related to writing personal and family history. Frequently requested topics include:

  • The Basics of Writing Well
  • Raising the Dead: Bring Your Ancestors to Life
  • Get Started: Write Your Life Story
  • Micro-Memoir: The Art of Writing Short
  • Put Some Meat on Dem Bones: Turn Genealogical Data into Story
  • Moments to Memoir: Bring Your Story Down to Size
  • Writing with Photographs
  • Editing in the Electronic Age
  • Breathe Life into Your Characters
  • Set the Stage: Writing About Places
  • Make a Scene: Enliven Your Story by Writing Scenes

Classes and workshops combine writing instruction and writing practice as well as sharing of those exercises. The study of published memoirs is typically incorporated into class lessons. In a relaxed and supportive environment, participants ask questions and come to know each other as they hone the craft of writing.