This Week’s Writing Prompt

I remember the first time I hiked the Rocky Mountains. It was not a very long hike distance-wise, but the end of the trail opened up to a plateau where I could look out over the wide yawning valley, lush with spring greenery. I sat down and let my boots dangle over the rocky edge.

The stunning height of the surrounding mountaintops took my breath away. I thought I was so high up, and yet, when I scanned the range spread before me, I felt so small. My eyes traced the jagged horizon from east to west in silence. The crisp wind at my face sent a chill down my spine. I closed my eyes, inhaling deep and slow. In this moment, I learned nature can reset my soul and remind me: I’m but a small part of a grand creation.

Describe your most significant experience with nature. Where were you? What were you doing? Was anyone else with you? Recall the sights, sounds, smells, and other sensory details of the experience. Why was this moment so influential to you? What did nature teach you?

submitted by Amanda Benson

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