You have an interesting story, but you just don’t want to sit down and write it.

Maybe you have a parent or know someone else whose story needs to be told, but you just can’t get them to commit it to paper. Ghostwriting may be your answer. The Writing Your Life team creates a first-person narrative in the subject’s voice from multiple interviews in an as-told-to story.

Ghostwriting is a collaboration between you and a skilled, experienced writer to produce a memoir in your voice that reads as if you wrote it.

How it works…

In an initial meeting, we discuss your story and review the process of putting your words into print. We then do multiple, recorded interviews, during which we ask questions designed to reveal the story you want to tell. We transcribe the recordings, and from this text, we fashion the first draft of your memoir. As we require additional information, we contact you directly and/or schedule more interviews to obtain the necessary details and background information. Writing Your Life then professionally edits and polishes the text into a high-quality manuscript.

What ghostwriting includes…

  • Multiple recorded interviews
  • Transcription of the interviews
  • Development of the story’s structure
  • Ongoing collaboration with the client
  • Checks for grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • Inclusion of the elements of good storytelling such as effective opening and closing lines and paragraphs, detail and description, character description, scene development, dialogue, and other devices as warranted by the story
  • Basic fact checking

If you think ghostwriting may be the way to get your or a loved one’s story into print, then complete the form believe for a free half-hour consultation, and let’s talk about the possibilities.

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