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We help you take the story in your heart and turn it into a book you can hold in your hands.

Every successful athlete knows the value of being coached, but it’s not only sportspersons who excel under the direction of a knowledgeable, invested coach.

Writing is an isolating activity, an endeavor usually undertaken alone with a cup of coffee and our memories. Filling white pages with little black marks that entertain, explain, inspire, and convey meaning can be a daunting task. It’s difficult to get started, challenging to stick with it through the messy middle, and often even more daunting to see a project to completion.

At Writing Your Life, finishing is our specialty. We help our clients finish their stories and experience the joy of a dream fulfilled. We accomplish this in many ways. Our professional team:

  • helps you clarify what you want to write
  • meets with you regularly face-to-face or via video conference to discuss your progress
  • establishes interim goals to keep you on track
  • provides accountability
  • supports belief in yourself and your project
  • takes time to listen and supply suggestions
  • accelerates your accomplishments
  • motivates you on the days writing is the last thing you want to do

If you think coaching is the way to help you say, “I’m finished. I wrote my story,” then fill out the form below and request your free, half-hour coaching session.