publishing services

Turn your words into a real book.

Your book will feature a personalized, one-of-a-kind cover. Choose color or black-and-white interior pages in either hardback or paperback. Convert it to an e-book and distribute it on Amazon where friends, family, and the general public can purchase copies.

LifeStory Publishing publishes personal and family histories and other nonfiction books.

To produce a high-quality book of your manuscript, we provide the following services:

  • Custom cover designed especially for your book
  • Custom interior designed especially for your book
  • Interior layout design and formatting of your book
  • Preparation and placement of photographs/images within the text
  • Single-point coordination of all aspects of the publishing process
  • Hard-copy proofs of your book prior to final printing
  • Printing of 1 to 100,000+ copies (price based on final page count, book size, paperback/hardback, black & white/color interior pages)

Optional services:

  • Proofreading for typos, spelling, grammar, basic style, etc.
  • ISBN assignment
  • Copyright and Library of Congress registration
  • Preparation of text and conversion to e-book format
  • Placement of book for sale on Amazon online bookstore
  • Distribution to bookstores and other outlets via Ingram
  • Consultation regarding options for marketing, placement, distribution, and shipment of books

If now is the time to turn your text into a full-fledged book, complete the form below for a free half-hour consultation, and let’s talk about it.

Portfolio of Book Samples

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