First Tuesday Write and Read

Welcome to First Tuesday Write and Read:
a free virtual write-in and feedback session

To help you stay connected, motivated, and continue to meet your writing goals, Writing Your Life hosts a free virtual write-in and feedback session on the first Tuesday of every month.

This event is open to all and no prior writing experience is necessary.

After a short introduction, we share a writing prompt with the group. You’ll have thirty minutes to write independently, using either the prompt we provide or drafting new material.

Then, we break into small groups of three to share what you wrote and receive feedback from group members–about fifteen minutes per person.

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Don’t miss this fun and unique opportunity to connect and write together!

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I love, love, love this group! Connecting with people from other parts of the country and walks of life, not to mention sharing our writing experiences really brighten my days. Look forward to every first Tuesday. So much camaraderie and encouragement!
I love this class. I simply love this process and was shocked to see that I could put together over 300 words in 15 minutes.  The feedback helped me adjust portions of the work immediately and, I think, improve it. This is such an uplift for me during this challenging time. I so appreciate the break from the monotony of caregiving and the hope of actually getting things written for my family and for anyone interested in reading my stories.
I enjoyed the class tonight. New people with new ideas and experiences lent excitement to the group. I’m looking forward to more First Tuesdays. Working with three should make an interesting and close group.
—Linda PetersonFirst Tuesday Write and Read participant
—Claire Groover First Tuesday Write and Read participant
—Robin Ogilvie First Tuesday Write and Read participant