Get Started – Write My Story

Yes, Patricia! I want to Get Started and transform my wonderful memories into stories people will enjoy reading.

Walk me through the process and help me make it happen. Give me all the services, proven tools, and resources in the Get Started–Write My Story coaching program valued at more than $700. Get Started-Write My Story is part of the See It Through! series, which includes Finish My Book in 90 Days and Edit Like an Expert.

In the Get Started–Write My Story coaching program, you receive:

  • ten (10) or more training videos to help you get started writing your life story – video titles include:
    • Memoir vs. AutobiographyGet Started - Write My Story Logo
    • Timelines
    • Project Overview
    • The Story I Want to Write
    • Write Now-Organize Later
    • Quiet the Critic
    • The Writing Process
    • Writing Habits
    • Brainstorming
    • A Bit of Inspiration
  • two (2) live, group telephone calls where you ask questions and receive helpful answers
  • one (1) one-on-one, half-hour coaching session where you get personalized assistance
  • outlines, worksheets, handouts, and other written materials to complement the training modules
  • random notes of encouragement and writing tips to keep you on track
  • on-demand access to training modules to review at your leisure
  • discount on the complete Finish My Book in 90 Days! coaching program

The value of this program exceeds $700, but you pay only $99.

The self-directed program is available. Click on the yellow button below, and let’s get started writing the most important story of your life.Sign Up Now Button100% Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident that this program will help you write your life stories that I offer a complete money-back guarantee. If this program does not help you write your life story, then simply let me know within seven days of the start of the program, and I’ll refund your payment. That’s how confident I am that this program will help you accomplish your writing goals.