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Content Editing

You’ve done the work of writing. Now what? This program answers that big question. You learn about the different types of editing and what tools you need to begin. Explore a method of editing all the parts of your stories: openings and closings, people and places, plus dialogue. Be guided in how to check your facts, scour your verbs, and learn how to make the important decisions about what to cut and what to keep. This program does not teach how to write but shows you how to edit for these items.

Purchase Content Editing for only $99.

Video title list:

  • Edit Your Content
  • Openings, Closings
  • Scene vs. Summary
  • People, Dialogue
  • Places
  • Paragraphs
  • Scour Your Verbs
  • Cut—Cut—Cut
  • Detail and Description Part I
  • Detail and Description Part II
  • Check Your Facts
  • Your Editing Process