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Writing People and Places

In all types of writing, but especially memoir, bringing people to life is key to the success of the story. The characters in our lives deliver our memories to readers, and we want them to be flesh and bones, not just names on a page. Learn to write about major and minor characters, write and correctly punctuate dialogue, write about place, show don’t tell, write in scene, deal with the internal critic, learn about speech-to-text software, and much, much more.

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Video title list:

  • Aids on Your Journey
  • Writing About People
  • Minor Characters
  • Let the People Speak
  • Writing Good Dialogue
  • Punctuating Dialogue
  • Not Just an Address
  • Set the Stage
  • Make a Scene
  • Showing Emotion
  • Quiet the Critic
  • Slay the Dragon
  • Reading Like a Writer