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To All the Books I’ve Loved Before

This Week’s Writing Prompt


: a lover of books; a book collector (The Merriam-Webster Dictionary) 

The other day, I remembered how much I love books. I adore reading them, smelling them, touching the pages, writing in the margins, and seeing them line the shelves of my bookcases. New books, old favorites, paperback, hardback, digital, or audio, I love them all. 

A recent report* found that reading a book for just six minutes per day can reduce stress by up to 68%. These days, we all need an outlet for stress. As a full-blooded bibliophile, I wholeheartedly embrace reading as a stress reliever!  

Researchers also found that 44% of people enjoy reading e-books, while 30% prefer physical books, and 21% listen to audiobooks. What about you? 

      • What format do you most often use to enjoy a book? Why so? 
      • What are you currently reading? 
      • Share about a memorable book or the first book you remember reading or owning.  
          • What was the book?  
          • Why did it make such an impression on you?  
          • Write a short vignette involving a moment in your life in connection with this book.   

*Based on a report sponsored by Mashable, Yahoo News, and Hello Giggles. 

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