This Week’s Writing Prompt

I received two unexpected pieces of mail recently. Both were friendly greetings sent for no other reason than to let me know someone was thinking of me. Such a simple act, dropping a card in the mail, yet it put fresh wind in my sails for days. Have you ever gotten that kind of mail?

Who can you send an unexpected greeting to in the coming days? Share words of cheer, encouragement, or I’m thinking of you. Let go of any desire for a response. Offer the note as a gift of your words. 

Tell the story of your experience writing this note.

  • To whom did you write?
  • Why this person?
  • What did you say to him or her?
  • What was it like to send off this message in the hope it will brighten their day?

Happy writing!

Friend of Writing Your Life, Cheryl Lemine, creates hand-lettered art and cards and recently launched her Etsy shop. Last month, Cheryl mailed me this a custom postcard bearing our company motto: The only way to do this wrong is to not do it at all! What a happy surprise! I loved it!

You know you want one, too! Order yours from Cheryl, or any of her other wonderful hand-drawn creations, to keep you motivated and positive.