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The Good Shines Through

This Week’s Writing Prompt

This has been a tough year. No one denies that. I recently saw a meme that depicted God’s calendar-scheduling angel accidentally packing a decade’s worth of events into 2020. It was funny…but it wasn’t.

We are not without hope despite the many difficulties, losses, anxieties, and confusion ushered in by 2020. Things will get better, eventually. And, if we look for them, we see slivers of goodness sprinkled over every hardship we’ve trudged through.

Thanksgiving is an especially poignant gift this year. May Thanksgiving gently nudge us out of the 2020 funk and reset our eyes on the power of gratitude. Let’s pause periodically in the coming days and truly count our blessings. Look for the good that has shone through the darkness of this year.

What are you grateful for? Write about the first thing that comes to mind.

If you’re struggling, try a one-minute sprint. Set a timer for sixty seconds and make a list of everything you can think of—big and small—for which you are grateful. Put it on your fridge and read it often.

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