I Remember

Patricia Charpentier just released the second in a series of booklets designed to help people write their life stories.

I Remember… 2010, volume two in the Focus on Writing series, helps unearth memories long forgotten by the reader.  Patricia Charpentier shares fifty of the most popular prompts from her 2010 monthly writing workshops and encourages the reader to mentally revisit favorite childhood places, memorable days, special people, sounds of the morning, etc. Use this booklet as your personal workshop and begin writing your life story today.

Click here if you’d like to read the first few pages of Focus on Writing
Book 2:  I Remember…

To purchase copies of Focus on Writing – Book 2:  I Remember… online click here or mail a check payable to Writing Your Life to P. O. Box 541527, Orlando, FL   32854.

(Life Story Publishing, ISBN 978-0-9832382-0-1 Copyright © January 2011, paperback, 32 pages – $7.99 + $3.99 shipping & handling)

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