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Loyd Gilley Interview

In a minute or two, you are going to hear from Loyd Gilbert Gilley. Loyd grew up on a forty-acre, one-mule farm in Jackson County located in the Florida panhandle. His family had no electricity or running water for the first fifteen years of his life, Backfields Front Cover - Finalbut what they did have a lot of was love and good food.More Precious Memories Front Cover

Loyd never set out to be an author, yet he is. His first book, Backfields of My Memory, tells the story of his early life, the people who surrounded him, and a way of living so different from today. His second book, More Precious Memories, focuses on his life beyond Jackson County and his wonderful family. He now has a blog for his stories, which will likely turn into a third book.

Loyd says, “We were poor folks, but I never felt poor a day in my life.” Welcome to our teleseminar, Loyd.

To purchase a copy of either of Loyd’s books, contact the author at or call him at 352-395-0597.

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