We always end our nine-week Writing Your Life class with a reading for family and friends, and in each session, the stories get better and better. Our spring class reading certainly did not disappoint.

Click the photo to view the album from this event.

While studying Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck, we focused our session on the theme of journeys and wrote about the many types of journeys we can take—physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, imaginative, occupational, etc. This focus produced many wonderful stories.

G Zarek explored her thoughts about traveling and the wonders of the many sights she saw on family trips and in her adult travels, but in the end, she concluded, “Travel if I want, any way I want. Stay as long as I want. When the fun is over and the travel is done, this little house, full of my life, is home.

Reading Steinbeck inspired Jim Doherty to write his own story about the 10,000+ mile journey across the United States he and his family took years before Steinbeck and his standard poodle took to the road. Jim read about his adventures in “American from the Middle Seat.”

Becky McGregor wrote about her many moves—the first at the tender age of nine months—and how they opened the doors of the world to her. Clutching her faithful stuffed dog Penny, she traveled across the country and back and to date has visited all but four of the fifty-nine national parks. In her story, “Travels with Penny,” Becky writes:

Then my searching took a turn which still holds my fascination. I left Penny on a shelf and moved from the physical world to those that existed on paper in black and white…Sitting on my bed at night, I traveled new lands, met new people, and learned new cultures…My journey has not turned inward; I visit old places and friends. A time from my yought is remembered while I capture it with pen…My wonderlust is satisfied by a trip down memory lane as Penny watches me from her honored spot on the shelf.

We heard about liver-loving cats from M.J. Lucas, Marilyn Monroe singing happy birthday to President John F. Kennedy from Elsie Doherty, two tender neighbors from Anne Teipel, an aunt’s one hundredth birthday celebration from Judy Otto, and many, many more wonderful stories.

A video of the spring class’ reading is forthcoming. Keep an eye out on the Writing Your Life Facebook page and in next month’s newsletter.

Edit: Here is the video of our Class Reading!


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