This Week’s Writing Prompt

by Amanda Benson

 No matter how big the house is, there is something magnetic about a kitchen that draws everyone together. Preparing and eating food there only sets the stage for the real experience of quality time, storytelling, and making memories.

The kitchen at my mom’s house in Georgia is not very big. Whether four people are visiting or the whole crew of twenty at Christmastime, we all seem to pack into that cozy space. There we peel potatoes, mix cookie dough, pour sweet tea, devour barbeque sandwiches, and eventually sit at the end of the bar sipping coffee, commiserating about work and life. Usually, we laugh and tell silly stories, but we’ve also shed plenty of tears there after losing one of our own.

Recall a memorable kitchen from your life.

        • Whose kitchen was it?
        • Describe the setting of this kitchen: the year, colors, smells, decorations, geographic location, etc.
        • Who spent time in this kitchen with you?
        • What kinds of activities took place there?
        • How were you involved?
        • Describe a moment you experienced in this kitchen.

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