July 2017 Editing Tip

It’s always a good time to write, but how do you write time? As with just about everything in writing, it depends. According to the Chicago Manual of Style, the guide most creative writers follow, if you plan to use the words o’clock, then write out the time rather than use a numeral. Use o’clock only when the time is a whole number. I plan to leave for school at eight o’clock. If you’re … [Read more...]

Spiritual Memoir Workshop

Thank you to the women who made the sold-out Spiritual Memoir workshop last Saturday, July 15th great. We examined various meanings of the word spiritual, looked at what constitutes memoir, and learned about the type of writing we create when we combine the two. The stories shared included loving tributes to parents and the privilege of taking care of them, special moments of self-awareness, … [Read more...]

Want to be a published author?

The Space Coast Writers Guild, an organization based in Melbourne, Florida, "dedicated to encouraging, instructing and developing writers of all genres," has issued a call for submissions for their latest anthology, Holidays. The group intends to fill this anthology with a "collection of stories filled with fond recollections of holidays past and present" and accepts fiction, nonfiction, poetry, … [Read more...]

Writing Your Life on NPR

Last week, I received three requests in one day from people asking for help to write their parents' stories. I regularly get these types of unsolicited requests but not usually three in one day, all from people in the Orlando area. I didn't think much more about this pleasant coincidence and reached out to the three who contacted me. One person mentioned that she heard about me on NPR. I've … [Read more...]

Writing Prompt for July 2017

I’ve been immersed in all things nonphysical these last couple of weeks as I prepare for my Spiritual Memoir workshop this Saturday, July 15th. So, anyway, I’m watching a quirky movie the other night, and the main female character says, “I unfriended God a long time ago.” The way she said it struck me as funny at the time, but I’ve certainly had periods in my life where I wanted nothing to do … [Read more...]

Meet the Team – Jessica Burbank

More than three years ago, a longtime Florida friend called me to ask a favor: “With my new baby at home, would you take on a few work tasks for me? I’m stretched a little thin.” Since that day back in March 2014, she has added two more babies to her now family of six, and I have completely taken over her former role as Patricia’s assistant. I was eager to accept the job that day because I was … [Read more...]

Something for Everyone

What do a scientist/animal activist, a boxer, and a rock star have in common? They all wrote spiritual memoirs, and if they did it, so can you. As the wide variety of backgrounds of these authors show, anyone can write spiritual memoir, and spiritual memoir is not necessarily about religion. World famous scientist and United Nations. Messenger of Peace, Jane Goodall, preserved the profound … [Read more...]

Interview with Norma Beasley

I met Norma Beasley years ago when she attended a workshop I gave at a community church, and since that first meeting, I have learned so many fascinating things about this wonderful, talented woman. When I offer a workshop, Norma is usually the first one to sign up and the first one to show up the day of the event. Her enthusiasm for writing and for the friendships she’s developed in Writing … [Read more...]

Tolstoy’s A Confession

I recently read an article by Thomas Larson titled, “Leo Tolstoy and the Origins of Spiritual Memoir.” In the piece, Larson discusses Tolstoy’s A Confession, a book published in 1882 that chronicles Tolstoy’s “retrospective analysis of the previous five years in which his midlife crisis of faith unbalanced his literary and philosophical bearing. It is among the oddest of Christian tell-alls, a … [Read more...]

July 2017 Book Review

For July's book review, I thought I'd share an older book with you, but one I highly recommend for many reasons. I will use it in my upcoming Spiritual Memoir Workshops this month, so it's the perfect time to introduce you to Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Place by naturalist and writer from northern Utah, Terry Tempest Williams. I first became aware of Terry Tempest Williams when I … [Read more...]