Wednesday Writing Prompt: Moments in History


Today is the second day of a rare government shutdown in conjunction with a historic implementation of controversial health care reform. Only time will tell how history will tell the story of this time (including whether it’ll be remembered at all). I’m not going to dive into the politics of this moment, but I did feel inspired to revisit moments in my own life where important historical events have impacted me directly. And that is today’s prompt for you, too.

Major historical moments are excellent points of reference when writing your life story, because nearly everyone who was alive at that time will have their own memories from that very same event. If you’ve ever seen the show Mad Men, they present historical events in the 50s and 60s through the eyes and experiences of their characters living in New York, and do so brilliantly.

Think back through times in your life where everyone you knew was affected in some way by a historical event, and write about your own experience of that moment in time. Set your timer for 10 minutes and write about the first historical event that pops into your mind.


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