This week’s inspiration photo comes in the form of a video of a very very tiny house. If you don’t have time to watch, I can sum it up: it is possible for two people to live–and thrive–in 128 square feet.

From the youTube description:
Tammy and Logan began with small steps. They sold one car and moved into a one bedroom apartment. Next it was a 400 square foot home. Today they are car-free and living in a 128-square-foot home on wheels (designed by Dee Williams’ company PAD). Along the way, the couple shed weight, stress, debt and the unhappiness they felt being tied to jobs they didn’t enjoy. Today, Tammy is a full-time blogger/photographer/teacher.

Tammy recently published a book titled “You Can Buy Happiness (and It’s Cheap)”, but she explains that it’s not exactly happiness that she pursues, but resilience. “Jobs move, people lose jobs, people die,” she explains, “So how can you structure your life so that you’re more flexible and embrace the good stuff even when loss makes it really really difficult?” 

Theirs is an inspirational story that is becoming more and more prevalent these days as people are hurting financially and looking for ways to feel more in control of their own lives and less at the mercy of debt.

I thought it could be a very interesting writing exercise to explore what your own life might be like if you made the move to live in itsy-bitsy quarters. What would you be giving up that you would miss? What would you be gaining that you would treasure? What would an ideal tiny home look like for you? Would you build it as a permanent structure or create something movable? Where would you like it to be? What would you do with your time if money were not a concern anymore? Think… small.

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