The women in our lives don’t have to be history-making trailblazers for us to appreciate the powerfulforce they’ve been in our lives. Think of a woman you know who has inspired you. It might be a wife, mom, relative, friend, or coworker. Now, recall a story about her that reflects that spark. As you write, consider:

  • What was she like?
  • What qualities about her did you admire?
  • What obstacles or challenges did she face?
  • How did she impact you?

 Please post your writing about this influential woman in your life in the comments section below. What a great way to honor her! 

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    Posted March 16, 2019 4:53 pm 0Likes

    She didn’t own a car. She didn’t drive. She came every day on a bus and walked from the bus stop to the school. In the winter, if the bus didn’t run, there was no school. That didn’t happen often.
    It was a two room school. Ms. Donahue taught grades one, two and three. There was no kindergarten back in those days. She taught grades four, five, six, seven and eight. She dressed appropriately, she was 5′-4″-5″, every hair was in place, and it was silver blue.
    Her system of teaching was very much Virgo – in order and dignified. We started our day with prayer, pledge and songs. She played the piano, rather well as I recall. She stressed good hygiene and good eating habits. She taught each class separately, but when I was done with my work I could listen as she instructed the higher grades. When I made it to the 8th grade they had replaced her with a man. What a stupid idea. I think of Charlotte Kolb often and I’m grateful she was my teacher for all those years.

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      Beautifully written. Judi, the way you expressed the character and essence of Charlotte Kolb before finally revealing her name is captivating. I really enjoyed the insight into the school of your youth and what that was like. Charlotte certainly sounds like a woman of strength, dedication, integtrity and positive influence. It’s amazing how, long after our experiences with someone, our lives can continue to be impacted by them. Thank you so much for sharing her with all of us!

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