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Your Writing Road Map

Your Writing Road Map

A good coach will tell you that a game plan is necessary for victory. The same is true for making our writing dreams become a reality. The problem is, sometimes it feels overwhelming to figure out how to do that.

Life Writers is here to help! We’ll guide you in creating Your Writing Road Map, a tool that will assist you in identifying where you want to go as well as understanding where you are now. We’ll help you isolate the steps you need to get closer to your writing dream.

Your work on the Writing Road Map will set the pace and course of work you will accomplish during this Life Writers’ session. Once complete, keep your road map someplace safe as you’ll refer back to it often throughout the session.

Create Your Writing Road Map

We recommend you set aside about two hours to fully engage in this foundational activity. First, watch the video, then print and complete the handout to begin the process of creating Your Writing Road Map.