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  • Linda L. Peterson
    Posted August 6, 2021 at 6:14 pm

    “My life is made up of interruptions,” I told a friend as she apologized for dropping in on me during a busy day.
    And it was oh so true on our active grain and hog farm. From getting meal prep or cleaning interrupted when the men would come in serarch of a needed item, to having to drop work in progress in order to chase hogs out on an improptu walk, to
    stopping in the middle of a pre-Thanksgiving wallpaper job to pick up a brother-in-law coming in from Chicago, I had seen it all.
    But the interruptions I cherished most were tose made by my grandkids.
    When our first one,Jennifer arrived, I left my off the farm job as a home health aide to care for her.

    During this time, I also began growing and freezing raspberries, which were a favorite of Jennifer’s.
    When we began watching her, we invested in a Little Tyke’s yellow and blue swing. We hung this from a lower branch on our large, old walnut tree. This tree was easily
    visible through our kitchen window.
    Jennifer spent a lot of her days in this swing, while enjoying a snack of raspberries.
    “More berries, Grandma please!”, she would cry as her container would empty,.

    When I heard this, I would drop whatever I was doing to provide her with more raspberries.

    I believe that little girl consumed her weight in that tasty fruit that fall. I don’t know why they didn’t make her sick.
    But, we both have fond memories of the time of the swing and raspberries,

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