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  • Orah Zamir
    Posted June 8, 2022 at 3:29 pm

    Hi, this is Orah and this is my story from the Read and Write


             One of my job placements was in a Catholic hospital. I became good friends with the Nun Chaplain. Her name was Sister Eileen. She was about 70 years old, had medium length gray hair, wore a modern habit with a light gray skirt, white blouse and typical head wear. She was always quiet, calm and upbeat. We went to many conferences together. She knew about the Spirituality and Medicine workshop at Harvard. I was glad to go with her, as we stayed in a convent, and it was lovely. We went twice to that workshop and later to a week-long course in Positive Psychology.
             On her 50th anniversary as a Chaplain, she invited me to her party. The party occurred in a large, bright private room in a restaurant. I don’t remember the food. What I remember is the rosary she gave everyone as a gift. The Pope of that time had blessed them. I had never had or intended to have a rosary, since I am Jewish, but I loved that one because I loved her.
             Unfortunately, I lost the rosary when I moved. One day, I was having lunch with Sister Eileen and another Sister at the hospital. I don’t remember her name; she was dressed similarly to Sister Eileen. I mentioned the rosary and that I felt sad about losing it. The Sister offered to get me another one. She said it would be blessed by a Pope but not one as good as the original.
             She did get me the rosary, and it was beautiful. It was made of real roses and smelled like roses. A different Pope was in office then and had blessed it. A Catholic friend taught me how to pray the rosary, so I could enjoy it and its beautiful aroma even more.
             I miss Sister Eileen. I still have the rosary, although I don’t get much of a chance to pray it. I learned a lot about her religion that I did not know. I also learned from her by her demeanor, her generosity, her friendship, and her professionalism. She always worked with me to have programs for the Jewish holidays. She always showed interest in my patients.
    Every time I take the rosary out of the box just to smell the roses, I am reminded of her.

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