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Happy Valentine’s Day!

loveTomorrow is Valentine’s Day, so today we’re going to write about that marvelous day of romance and all-around caring. In its origins, the day supposedly honored Valentinus, a martyr in Roman times who was imprisoned and executed for performing weddings for soldiers not allowed to marry and for helping the Christians. It was author Geoffrey Chaucer who associated St. Valentine’s Day with romantic love in the 14th century. Now, it’s all about hearts and flowers and candy and love.

Write about a Valentine’s Day you remember. Maybe that red heart with the white lace dolly your son or daughter made for you in first grade. How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day as a child? Do you remember one special valentine you gave or received from a boy or girl you thought was absolutely the best? Did you have a Valentine’s Day dance or party at your school? Set the timer for ten minutes. Go! And have a Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

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