This Week’s Writing Prompt

Family traditions are an excellent way to celebrate and add meaning to the holidays. While many of us enjoy spontaneity, we also have a deep need for predictability. How fondly we remember and anticipate the activities we do year-to-year with family and friends. It gives us a sense of comfort and connection, especially to generations past. Many of the holiday memories we have involve a family tradition.

What holiday family traditions have you inherited from your parents or your spouse’s parents? What holiday traditions of your own did you create, even if by accident? Which tradition do you least look forward to each year or wish you could eliminate altogether?

To get you thinking, here are some examples of popular holiday traditions:

        • decorating inside and/or outside your home
        • picking out and cutting down a live tree
        • decorating a tree together to festive music
        • preparing favorite holiday meals and treats
        • eating certain food items
        • creative projects, such as crafts or decorating gingerbread houses
        • gift exchanges
        • sharing special meals
        • enjoying holiday books and movies with family members
        • attending a parade, play, or musical event
        • volunteering


Happy holidays!