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Writing contests…help or hindrance?

Becky McGregor is a Writing Your Life class member who has had great success writing and publishing her work.

Last year, the Florida Writers Association accepted two of her stories for its 2011 anthology, Let’s Talk. Becky wrote a piece titled “Eight Wheels” in our spring 2012 class session, which will be published in this year’s FWA anthology. Last week, she learned that the love story she wrote, which centered on the beginnings of her romance with her husband Bruce, was picked up by OakTara Publishers for its anthology, Falling in Love with You, scheduled to release on October 1st.

Wow, great work, Becky! We’re so proud of you.

I sat down and talked with Becky about what she gains from entering writing contests and suggestions she has for other writers. Watch the complete interview to hear her talk about:

  • How deadlines work for her
  • The challenge of conveying a large concept like love in a limited number of words
  • Pushing herself beyond where she is comfortable
  • Finding the help needed to improve your writing
  • Not jumping into writing contests too soon

Click on the video to see and hear Becky McGregor’s comments on writing life stories.

And if you think you’re ready, here’s a short story competition—both nonfiction and fiction—offered by Writer’s Digest magazine on the subject of new beginnings. The deadline is August 15th, and there is a 1200-word limit. Writer’s Digest charges $5 per entry.

So, tell me about your experience. Have you ever entered a writing contest? Was your experience positive or negative? Why? What did you gain by entering this competition? Enter your comments in the section below, and let’s start a conversation.

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    Thanks for finally talking about > Writing contests…help or hindrance?
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