I spent some of last Saturday in Clermont and was reminded just how different the landscape can be only a few miles away. The terrain went from flat to slight inclines to small hills in a matter of minutes. My car’s engine kicked into a different gear to scale the rise, and from the top, I could see many other hills in the distance. That got me thinking about the landscapes of our lives.
In my lifetime, I’ve lived only in South Louisiana and Orlando, flat, flat, flat and no rocks. (I love big rocks.) Water has been central to my residences—bayous and rivers in South Louisiana, lakes and the Atlantic Ocean in Orlando. In both homes, the Gulf of Mexico was a close neighbor and a source of great fun. I’ve known only heat and 100% humidity. I’ve never shoveled snow or watched seasons unfold around me. The landscapes of my homes defined me and contributed significantly to who I am. So what about you? What are the landscapes of your life? How have the places you’ve lived contributed to the person you are today? Set the time for ten minutes. Go.

Photo courtesy of: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nathan_bergeron/

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