Tools and Resources

Like in any profession, a writer needs his/her tools. These tools may be analog–special pens, paper–or the digital kind–grammar and spell checkers, style guides, and the like.

Here, we have gathered a few tools for you, which you may find helpful. The value of any tool rests in its application and consistent use, so try these out and see what you think.

If you have a tool that helps you write, let us know, and we’ll share it with the group.

Life Writers Zoom Meetings

Use this link and password for any and all Life Writers Zoom meetings on Tuesdays: office hours with Patricia, book lessons, and feedback groups. Exception: VIP meetings will use a separate link.

Meeting ID: 882 5971 0430

Audio: (312) 626-6799

Passcode: writer

First Tuesday Write and Read

We encourage you to participate in Writing Your Life’s monthly virtual write-in and feedback group. For Life Writers members, there’s no need to register your attendance–just log on! ID: 842 3906 3580

Meeting ID: 889 3166 8052

Audio: (312) 626-6799

Passcode: 406019

Important Documents

Week-by-Week Task Checklist – This checklist will guide you through each week of the Life Writers session, noting the events and activities you can focus on in any given week.

Print a copy and post it so you can stay on track, week by week.

I Wrote Today! – Here’s a pen-and-paper tool you can use to check off each day you wrote or enter the number of words you racked up.

Print this sheet and keep it nearby, so it’s easy to reward yourself with a big, fat check mark or a nice, round number.

Tracking Spreadsheet – The perfect way to claim the work you do.

Enter your name at the top of an unused column, and then, every time you write, key in either the number of words written or the amount of time written or both. The spreadsheet calculates your words and/or hours each week and gives you a grand total at the bottom of the sheet.

Clear Web Browser Search History and Cache – Follow the link below to find instructions for your specific internet browser and how to clear the search history and cache.

If you experience any internet trouble whatsoever, we recommend you take these actions before contacting us for help. More often than not, clearing the cache and search history will do the trick.

Important Videos

How to save your Word documents as a .PDF

How to Upload a .PDF to Life Writers

How to Copy and Paste to Share Your Story

Check out how Microsoft track changes works to edit your buddies’ stories.