Woods_Welcome to My World_Cover_final.inddCongratulations to Margie Carter Woods of Pass Christian, Mississippi! She finished her memoir, Welcome to My World: Won’t You Come On In, and now, her family members are planning a big party to celebrate her success.

For many, sometimes long, months, Margie wrote, edited, and rewrote stories of growing up in Florida, living in exotic places like Guam and Antigua with her US Navy husband Joe, parenting her two children, establishing a career in education, and now, enjoying her five special grandchildren. Margie supplemented her memories with photographs, and together, they tell the story of both her magical and her ordinary days.

Margie_with_Her_BooksMargie, now a published author, gives this advice to others considering or in the middle of a project such as hers, “I made sure I never forgot why I started in the first place. I had to have a strong reason, and that reason was my grandchildren. Perhaps you are prompted to do this for someone special, a child, grandchild, parent, or grandparent. I suggest you write the reason or reasons on multiple 3 x 5 cards and tape them everywhere, on your bathroom mirror, refrigerator, car dashboard, everywhere. It worked for me.”

It sure did, Margie. You have a beautiful book, and your stories will live on in your family for generations to come. Well done!

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