This Week’s Writing Prompt

Imagine the home you lived in as a child. If you had more than one residence as a child, pick one of the houses where you lived. You can close your eyes for this exercise if you’d like.

See yourself walking through the door you usually entered. Then make your way through the house to your bedroom. Look around the room slowly, seeing all the familiar things surrounding you. Notice your younger self in your bedroom.

  • What are you doing?
  • Who else is there with you?

Now, look outside your bedroom window.

  • What do you see?
  • What is the view from your bedroom window?
  • What does the scene include—people, plants, animals, buildings?
  • Describe in detail what you saw from your childhood bedroom window. Paint a vivid picture. Write in such a way that someone could mentally see that same view.

Post your responses in the comments sections below. All posts in response to our writing prompts in June will be entered into our drawing to win a free online coaching video—that’s a $20 value!  This is your last week to qualify for our June drawing. Go for it!

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Phyllis Sommerman

How did you know?? I am currently working on a chapter of my book introducing my readers to the house where I weathered the storms and joys of youth. Here is an excerpt. Our home on Elmwood Ave was known as ‘Club 103’ by our cousins and neighbors, except if cousin Richard answered the phone and then it was either ‘Joe’s Bar and Grill’ or ‘Mac’s Morgue – You Stab ‘em – We Slab ‘em’. Mom was ‘Mac’ to all the kids in the neighborhood and to our friends who frequented the house, very much like folks flocked to Grandma… Read more »

Marian Caraway Gardner

My “room with a view” becomes very clear when I close my eyes. If home is where the heart is then I had one home but lived in thirteen different houses by the time I left at eighteen. I didn’t actually leave “home” but went to live with my sister and her kids the year her husband served in Vietnam. When I close my eyes my heart is full of family memories but rarely of the many houses. I was born on a farm in Hernando Florida but when the hogs died my father did not have money to start… Read more »

Janet Evans

My childhood home was situated at the edge of the city and the beginning of a rural area….away from the busy streets and traffic lights. It was built by my Dad and Grandfather.. In looking back it was a very nice home for its day, small, bungalow style with two bedrooms and one bath. The year was 1945 and the big war was ending. Times had been very difficult but the promise of better times was evident. It was situated near the corner with an empty lot between that and Nye Ave… the Main Street. The Catholic school which my… Read more »