October_Newsletter_pinkOctober is breast cancer awareness month, and to remind residents, my hometown of College Park has gone pink! In addition to the pink ribbons displayed at the post office and in my many shop windows, College Park crosswalks and curbs at the corners of Princeton Avenue/Smith Street and Edgewater Drive were painted bright pink. A pink Orlando Police Department cruiser also patrolled the streets, supposedly driven by an officer who is a breast cancer survivor. Way to raise awareness, College Park!

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re going to write about cancer and how it has impacted your life. Unfortunately, most everyone has had to deal with cancer personally or with a family member or close friend. Cancer fired a warning shot across my bow several years ago, which made it real for me. Then I saw such amazing courage and determination firsthand when I served as artist-in-residence at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Orlando.

So write a story about how cancer has touched your life. When you’re finished, please share your story with us in the comments below this post.


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