In case you haven’t heard, our friends at Growing Bolder—Marc Middleton, Bill Shafer and the GB team—have conquered the small screen with their larger-than-life stories of “ordinary people in pursuit of extraordinary lives.”


I recently appeared as a guest on the Growing Bolder television show where Bill Shafer and I talked about the importance of writing life stories and how to get started. The interview, which was taped, will air sometime in mid-September. I’ll let you know when I find out the exact date.


In addition to the Growing Bolder radio show and magazine, this thirty-minute television program is a fast-paced and fun digest of stories that target the active lifestyles of those forty-plus years old and is distributed to fifty million homes across the United States. Growing Bolder airs on various stations at various times. Watch for announcements of where you can view GB TV or watch the latest episodes online at Growing Bolder TV.

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