This week, I watched a video called Phonetic Punctuation with Victor Borge, renowned comedian, conductor, and pianist. During the video, Borge reads a passage from a novel, adding sounds to every punctuation mark. He gives a hilarious reading, as you might expect. But Borge touches upon something I think we all search for in our quest to improve our craft—how to keep the fun in learning something difficult like punctuation.

We are all artists.

Victor Borge understood art. He punctuated his performances with humorous skits, including this one I’d like to share with you. Born and raised in Denmark, Borge was not a native English speaker, yet he knew how to make learning a foreign language interesting and, most importantly, fun.

And why not?

Who says learning grammar and punctuation needs to be a chore? Yes, good grammar is the foundation of writing well, but it is not an end in itself. We must build a solid foundation on which our stories rest, and we do that so readers will receive and understand our message.

We begin the Style, Grammar, Punctuation, and More program with a get-acquainted call this Thursday, June 29th. Join me for four weeks, and I’ll show you how to overcome the questions and doubts that might keep you from being the artist you are. Let’s make learning the proper use of the English language fun again.

Enjoy Victor Borge’s take on punctuation. Then, let’s work together to make your stories sing.

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