I first met Sandy Mayton and Duayne Whitehurst at a workshop I presented at the Florida Authors and Publishers Association (FAPA). They later contacted me, asking if I would be interested in line editing their next project.

Sandy and Duayne told me about their first book, IZ – The Izzy Story: Encounters, which won the FAPA President’s Book Award and introduced me to Izzy, a fun, endearing, and quirky character and the hero of their novels. I fell in love with Izzy as soon as I met him on the page.

The beautiful thing about writing is that the skills required to craft a story do not change with genres. A good editor understands preparing a project for publication still requires reviewing format, content, style, and other essential elements. If you haven’t guessed by now, The Izzy Story is a science fiction novel.

Yes, you read correctly. I, a non-fiction writer, am editing a sci-fi novel. I have learned from this project why we need to challenge ourselves to continue growing. I tell my students and clients all the time how brave they are for trying something they might not have thought possible. How appropriate for me to have the same opportunity.

Sandy and Duayne are perfect examples of how important it is to continue learning. After they published their first book, Sandy took more writing courses. She now consistently reads authors she admires and implements what she learns into her writing. In her words, “The development of IZ [is a] joy, a welcome challenge, and a learning experience beyond our wildest dreams.”

The couple began this saga a few years ago after their son asked them about the origin of myths. Izzy’s story was their answer. If you’d like to read more about Izzy and the world Sandy and Duayne created, check out their website, http://theizzystory.com/, or purchase their first book on Amazon or a variety of other locations. Then keep an eye out for the release of their new book, IZ – The Saga: Creation, and learn how Izzy came to be.

Congratulations, Sandy and Duayne on a job well done.

As with Sandy and Duayne, people write books to answer questions. What questions would you love to answer? What stories are you waiting to tell? What if you started writing those stories, today, like right now? How can I help you take that next step?

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