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Tag: 6-week

That’s a Wrap: Six-Week Writing Class  

Last fall I began a small group writing class of only six people, meeting weekly for six weeks. The format and style of this class were unlike any previously offered, with the added bonus of convening in my home classroom. I just wrapped up the second series of six-week classes, and I wanted to share with you more about this newer teaching platform that I offer.
My in-home classroom.
In the past, I’ve taught larger classes, for nine weeks at a time. I’ve also done many, many workshops and speaking presentations to big groups. There is something about being in a small group, though, that makes for a much different class experience. I’ll let some of my class members share their thoughts. “Being with the same six writers for the six-week class helped,” said Cheryl Floyd, “because we were able to get to know each other better, learn to recognize our writing styles and see growth between submissions.” “With only 6 people you really get to know the writing voice of each person. I was more invested in what the others wrote because I was closer to each person in the group,” said Becky McGregor.

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