Writing the Waves

Writing the Waves

  Love to write? Love to travel? Then I have a deal for you! Join us for Writing the Waves as we write and travel aboard the beautiful Royal Caribbean ship, the Freedom of the Seas, on May 12 – 19, 2013. The first night on board (Sunday), spend a little time getting to know your fellow writing companions […]

My Italy Story

What a magical vacation Bob and I enjoyed in Northern Italy the last two weeks of September, one filled with beauty, laughter, and great inspiration for many stories yet to come. We experienced many wow moments every day as we walked with reverence through duomos that took centuries to build; toured the palazzo and gardens […]

What Motivates You?

“[It] was more important for me to be honest than vengeful,” writes Anne Archer in her article entitled, “Writing the Truth in Memoir: Don’t Skimp on Objectivity.” Remaining objective, especially when we write about people who may have hurt us, is a difficult task, one which requires work and understanding. Archer points out several reasons […]

How Much Is Your Picture Worth?

One of my favorite writing exercises is to take a picture and describe it using words. This exercise helps me develop new ways to write about details and settings to help my reader understand the time and place of my story. Some popular sources of pictures to write about include the following: Facebook album covers […]

Buona mattina dall’Italia!

Buona mattina dall’Italia! Bob and I are still in Northern Italy having an amazing time. I’ve been collecting such great stories from people who live all over the world, and I’ve enjoyed yummy seafood risotto just about every night. That alone would be enough for a great trip, but we’ve also seen some of the […]

September Book Review

In 1974, American author, historian, actor, and broadcaster, Studs Terkel’s highly-acclaimed book Working: People Talk About What They Do All Day and How They Feel About What They Do arrived on store shelves, providing readers with a timeless snapshot of American’s feelings about working life.   Terkel (then in his 60’s, by the way) went around the country interviewing […]

Writing Prompt

This week’s writing prompt comes from page seven of my book Bringing Your Ancestors to Life. In my book, I talk about various ways to recall the people you want to write about, focusing on appearance, actions, and other key memories you can draw upon to create on paper the image of the person you […]

In-Home, Six-Week Class

Are you interested in a face-to-face, six-week class in Orlando where you will: attend two-hour classes for six consecutive weeks (day of week and afternoon/early evening sessions, depending upon class members’ schedules) participate in a fun and lively class open to only six or seven members where you receive lots of personal attention receive one copy of a […]

Back to School

Fall is upon us. The season brings us autumn colors, holidays, and happy memories. One thing that also comes with fall—school. It may seem like such a long time ago or recent, but we all went to school and we all have stories from our experience there. What is your favorite memory about school? Who […]

An Interview with Terry Neuman

I work with such wonderful people who have exciting stories to tell. This week, I want to introduce Terry Neuman to our readers; she is working on a fun collection of stories for her family. WYL: Can you tell our readers about your project? I finally completed the umpteenth draft of my memoir, Growing Up Schwartz. And why […]

A Special 750-word Writing Challenge

I work with many writers hoping to one day see their work in print, and I see how hard they strive to perfect their craft. If this is you, Writing Your Life would like to help. This week, focus on writing a short blurb of no more than 750 words and email it to patricia@writingyourlife.org […]