Writing the Waves

Writing the Waves

  Love to write? Love to travel? Then I have a deal for you! Join us for Writing the Waves as we write and travel aboard the beautiful Royal Caribbean ship, the Freedom of the Seas, on May 12 – 19, 2013. The first night on board (Sunday), spend a little time getting to know your fellow writing companions […]

Free Shipping on Five-Year-Journals

A Five-Year Journal is a beautiful gift for anyone in your life. They are great for non-writers, as well as committed journalers, because it takes only five minutes a day. Record your day’s events, thoughts, feelings, highs, and lows in this sturdy, hardback-bound journal. The top of each page displays the month and day and provides […]

National Letter Writing Day

Happy National Letter Writing Day! It’s time to bring out your loveliest stationary and your favorite pen. It’s time to concentrate fully on communicating to just one special someone. It’s time to think about exactly what you want to say before you say it because, with a pen, there’s no cut and paste function. For […]

Do you hear the birdsong?

Kyo Maclear, needing quiet, peace, and focus in a chaotic time in her life, took to urban birding in her bustling city of Toronto. Looking for connection, she found it when she turned her attention to something outside of herself. She tells this story of reconnection in Birds Art Life: A Year of Observation. One quote […]

Flock Together

I recently read a fascinating book review of B.J. Hollars’ Flock Together: A Love Affair with Extinct Birds and had to share the book and the book review with you. The book recounts Hollars’ obsession with extinct North American birds, and how that obsession led him to celebrate the birds we still have today. The book introduced a new […]

Too Much Love?

Can someone love too much? Possibly, especially if you have Williams syndrome, a genetic disorder that makes people biologically unable to distrust or suppress emotions. After I read this book review of Jennifer Latson’s The Boy Who Loved Too Much, I wanted to read the memoir about a disorder I’d never heard about, but find […]

Just an Editing Tip

I just called to say hello. I just need a moment of your time. I’m just writing to ask… Let’s take just a few minutes to talk about the word just. The word seems inconsequential and innocent enough, but it has a way of weaseling itself into one’s writing and speaking and, when it does, […]

To Err Is Human: A Writing Prompt

American writer, Augusten Burroughs, best known for his bestselling memoir Running with Scissors, once said, “I like flaws and feel more comfortable around people who have them. I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.” That quote made me think about my own flaws and intentions. What are my flaws? If […]

Three Pieces of Advice for Writing Memoir

In the midst of sharing her top three pieces of advice for memoir writers, Ava Chin, author of Eating Wildly, divulges the life stories behind each suggestion. Chin discusses the unique challenges of memoir writing, such as writing about people who are still alive. “My writing students are always asking me about the pitfalls of […]

November: The Month to Write

Can you believe it’s November? For some, that means Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner, and the sound of the clock ticking down is growing louder. For others who love to write, it’s the first day of National Novel Writing Month! Also known as NaNoWriMo, this online program is a fun, unconventional approach […]

Central Florida Family History Conference

Last Saturday, I enjoyed the company of 350 people eager to research and write their family stories at the 21st Annual Central Florida Family History Conference. I gave four workshops alongside many other fabulous speakers. I enjoyed meeting all of those who came to one of my workshops or came by my Writing Your Life […]