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Time-tested Wisdom

This Week’s Writing Prompt

You’ve traveled through time and encounter a younger version of yourself. Choose one of the following approximate ages: seven, fifteen, twenty-three, or thirty-one. Given the opportunity, what life lesson would you share with yourself? Write the story of how you learned the lesson.

        • Where were you?
        • Who else was there?
        • What happened?
        • What lesson did you learn?
        • How old were you when you learned this lesson?
        • How did this lesson shape you as a result?
        • In what ways would you have benefited from receiving this wisdom at an earlier age?

1 Comment

  • G Zarek
    Posted August 9, 2020 at 6:17 am

    In 1959, I turned seven on a 200 acre midwestern farm. Surrounded by growing crops of corn, wheat and soybeans, plus dairy cows, pigs and chickens, I had already learned the early stages of hard work supporting the farmer. Then a gigantic change occurred mid year. My parents sold the farm and all we owned and moved us to a world of sand, water and palm trees. Florida became more than a new home. It’s alluring slow pace altered my life forever. As my daddy said to me frequently, “Gaye Louise, you are slower than molasses in the winter!” Age seven was the beginning of becoming me as I chose to be rather than just another worker bee.

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