When we are children, we are (usually) at the mercy of our elders’ judgment. For most people that means that we have unpleasant memories of having been treated unfairly. Even the best parents and teachers throw around a “because I said so” when they don’t feel a need to explain themselves, and we have a very keen sense of injustice when we are children. These memories tend to stick with us.

Today, think back to your childhood, and write about a moment that you clearly weren’t understood or listened to by your authority figures. Now that you have some altitude, you can very easily tell the story of how they either were or were not treating you fairly. Was your sense of injustice piqued rightly? Or were you then unable to understand their reasoning but now realize they were right?

Recognizing either variation of your experience is bound to be enlightening.

Write for 10 minutes about a childhood memory of injustice.

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