Those of us in Florida are enjoying our first chilly day of the season. Blustery, wintry days are so rare here, so they tend to be notable! Our friends up the East coast are starting to see snow, and all over the country, people are already gearing up for the holidays and making plans for Thanksgiving celebrations.

The briskness in the air makes me a bit nostalgic today, remembering marking the end of warm weather in years past. Ushering in a time of looking for ways to keep toasty.

What is your favorite way to keep warm? Do you love a rip-roaring fire? Curling up and toasting your toes with a small space heater? Sinking into a warm bath and never wanting to get out? What does the beginnings of winter time evoke for you? Does your family have any November traditions? Write today about cold. About keeping warm. And about looking forward to coming together.

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