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Wednesday Writing Prompt: Rejuvenation



Around this time of year, as we ease back into our autumn routines, stepping away from the excitement and busyness of summertime, switching gears can be a little difficult. For a lot of people, this is the time when we need to gather our thoughts, take care of our bodies, and clear our minds. This mindful rejuvenation (literally: “make young again”) is crucial to getting things done, and feeling energetic and enthusiastic carrying out our day to day activities.

Today, write about your favorite way to rejuvenate yourself. A few examples: If you’re a spa-goer, write about the specific elements that best relax you. If you use journaling or writing to clear your mind, talk about where you like to write and what topics refresh your imagination. If you love to exercise, write about your favorite activities and how getting your blood pumping clears out the cobwebs. Think of your favorite rejuvenating activity, and write for 9 minutes! Go!

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