Pinterest is absolutely fascinating. I’m just getting started with it (you can visit my boards there), slowly discovering and saving little bits and pieces. If, like me, you’re interested in crafting life stories (and exploring others’ memoirs) Pinterest emerges as an incredible tool – a way to visually map out your life, your preferences, and put everything on display for friends, family, and strangers, too. And isn’t that what we seek to do as when we write our life stories as well? We bring attention to things that fascinate us. Things that change the way we look at the world. Things that we simply want to keep around as a reminder. Things that we think other people might appreciate. Pinterest does it through the use of images and captions rather than just narrative, but the goal is the same: when we write or when we “pin”, we tie bits and pieces together to create an image of who we are. Or, if we’re perfectly honest with ourselves, who we want the world to know us to be.

I came across a pin today that brought me to a girl’s blog post filled with images of people who had created entire rooms full of visual narratives. Real-life Pinterest-type boards, spread out in their homes and workplaces. Their walls are covered, many floor-to-ceiling, with pictures, magazine pages, papers, and the like. The image here is one of the samples from her post, but I encourage you to read what she wrote as well.

Do you have bulletin boards or photos up around your house or workplace that inspire you on a daily basis? Do you have a large collection of framed family photos smiling down on you? Do they help you to remember who you are? Do they remind you of who you used to be? Do they inspire you to be or do something new or different? Take some time now to take a look around, and write about one image you see every day that makes a difference. What does it mean to you? Where did it come from? How does it make you feel when you take a moment to look more closely at it? What do other people say about it when they see it? What do you imagine other people think about you when they see it?

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