Humans are naturally terrible multitaskers. It’s true. Even those of us who purport to being able to juggle many things at one time, distractions of any sort cause quality degradation in any and all of your tasks at hand.  For many people, myself included, to avoid the doing-a-million-things-at-once-but-badly trap, invoking the imagery of sprinting is helpful. When it comes to completing any project or meeting any goals, it’s easier to focus and stay engaged if it’s the only thing you’re thinking about for a short period of time. The idea of sprinting is extremely valuable when it comes to writing stories from your life (or writing anything). You give yourself the opportunity to shut out everything else and get the whole thing done at once.

My challenge to you this week is to tackle a writing sprint: plan a time sometime this week to set aside at least an hour (preferably more) to do nothing else but sit down and write. It’ll be even more potent if you can set aside a good chunk of time each day, but if you can only manage one hour this week, make it happen.

What should you write about? Well, usually I’m all about specific prompts, but in this particular situation, I just want you to get one entire whole story finished. It could be a funny story you’ve always told time and again but never put down in writing. The time your mean dog jumped in a police car and wouldn’t let the officers back in. The time your mother tried to shoot a snake. The time you got in a heap of trouble at school for putting gum in someone’s hair. Make it something specific, something isolated, but something substantial. Go look at your calendar right now and schedule your writing sprint right now. Go!

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